Monday, November 21, 2005

Three Paragraphs

I have three paragraphs of my M.S. thesis written.

This took 5 hours of staring in front of a computer screen to write.

I hope the rest goes faster.


Blogger Gibbie the labrat said...

It took me basically 6 months to write my masters. Much of that time was screwing around and not being focused. The other part was writing a huge review of the literature, which nobody wanted (and ended up getting cut).

For my dissertation, it took 6 months to get a decent draft of a manuscript for my advisor. She refused to look at the dissertation until the night before, and decided it wasn't what she wanted. My advice is to figure out what your advisor wants, and build a framework first. In the beginning, literature reviews take a huge amount of time. For every paragraph of my intro it took a day at least.

In the end, it doesn't matter what other people do, it doesn't matter what you want to write about, it matters what your advisor and committee want you to write about. Its a huge difference. Start with an agreement of the outline. This was the major problem with my dissertation advisor, we never communicated on this step. Once the outline is agreed upon, the rest is much easier. I'll be glad to help if possible.

Dr Rob, BS, MS, PhD

6:34 PM  

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