Monday, June 26, 2006

Thank You, Bad Science

So, assuming that the article is accurate (which may not be the case), a study found that men with multiple older biological brothers were more likely to be homosexual. They also found that this did not apply to men with multiple older stepbrothers.

They then conclude that the effect must be biological, because the environment was the same.

Did they really just assume that families that have undergone divorce and remarriage are the same environment as families that stayed intact? (Yes, there are some divorces and remarriages that give multiple biological brothers, but that's going to be a minority.)


Anonymous AnotherJen said...

I read about this in the Houston Chronicle seems like they're making an awfully big leap from correlation to causation. I wonder if they've tried this study for women? Or investigated what, if anything, changes for women who's already given birth to boys? There may be biological roots, but in my opinion this study certainly hasn't proved that.

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