Thursday, September 08, 2005

Exponentiation and Slang

Due to not noticing that Celebrity Poker Showdown being on an hour later than I thought it was, the remote control being on the other side of the room, and being unwilling to read a chapter on stimulated echoes again, I am watching Being Bobby Brown.

At one point, Whitney uses the expression "Hell to the yeah."

I have heard this formation before, with "to the" thrown in between other words for no apparant reason. As a mathematician, I naturally parse that sentence as "hell" being "multiplied" by itself "yeah" times.

Sadly, linguistics and arithmetic do not obviously correspond. My best guess is that "hell" is used to mean "nexus of sorrow" and "yeah" is used to imply a certain enthusiasm. Presumably then, "hell to the yeah" should mean that pain is being enthusastically applied to itself, creating a constructive resonance of agony.

This puzzles me more, as angst is not the ordinary modus operandi for R&B stars. I think I missed something.


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