Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Bitter Ironies of Life, Part 17

Tomorrow I have two engagements--a luncheon and a celebration--each of which I am bringing a dessert to. Normally when I cook something stupendously unhealthy, the required process of testing food as it is being prepared causes my bodily condition to decay just a little.

But the thing about cooking is that the amount of effort required to cook is, shall we say, a nonlinear function of the amount of food being cooked. For example, one substantial penalty is when you only have one bowl that is large enough to permit effective use of eggbeaters and you need to use it multiple times in a very short period of time. Between the elbow grease and general frantic pace, I think I managed to get a workout while cooking fudge and Mississippi mud pie.

I think this is more of a sweet irony, upon reflection ;-)


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