Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Christian on the Road

One thing I never hear preached is about how Christians ought to drive. All things considered, given that even Mother Therasa would have to confront her baser side behind the wheel, I wonder why nobody ever talks about it. If we are serious about our lives being changed, let us change here.

Maybe it's that there is a wall and tint between us and the other drivers that allows us to indulge in a little selfish driving because noone can see us. I dunno. But if there ever was a place for us to show compassion, it is now, in the holiday season, when a frustrated grandmother is trying to get out of a parking lot in a busy mall after finishing her shopping, and she has been stuck in once place for 20 minutes...


Blogger Ale said...

Hi Christian, I'm an Italian girl from you know Naples??Well I have just seen your blog and your complete profile and I see that we have a lot of things in common! I like Lord of the rings and I like yor favourite singer too!Well why don't you come on my blog???I wait an answer ok? Love... Alessandra( this is my name!!!!) PS: Excuse me if I don't write English correctly but you know...My language is Italian!

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Well, my friend, that would seem to be a first:

Your blog just got you hit on by a 14-year-old Italian girl.

I'm not sure, but I think a cautious sort of "Congratulations!" may be in order. :)

Well done, mi amigo; well done, indeed.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Gibbie the labrat said...

Definately. Ale, D man is, well, definately older than you, and well, definately not in Italy, or Florida, (There are plenty of Naples in the good ol USA). Anyway well done D-man!!

6:24 PM  

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