Sunday, August 06, 2006

Guided Tour of the Blogroll

My blogroll, which exists in more or less the order I found out about the blogs in:

Gibbie's Bioscience World
My friend Rob's blog, a mixture of political comments, biology, and cycling.

City of Brass
These are Aziz's two blogs. One deals with Islamic issues, the other deals with the ars geeky.

Dartmouth Physics Blog
This is the blog my friend Tim from undergrad posts to. It has one of the most random selections of topics around.

The Palmer Perspective

This is the blog of one of the ministers at my church. As you may guess, he talks about religion every once in a while.

Sydney's Soccerball
This blog does not strictly have the right to be in the "friends" section of the blogroll, given that it's actually the blog of my friend's dog, and I haven't met the dog yet. But I'm giving it a dispensation.

The Volokh Conspiracy

The only two political blogs that I read these days.

This makes your life just a little easier...

The Wandering Heretic
The Internet Monk
Two blogs on religion that don't make me want to throw objects. It's a high complement, honest. That may be a sign I'm falling into a bubble, though...

Photon Torpedoes
Comic book news and gossip. Because sometimes you have to be geeky vicariously.


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