Tuesday, February 08, 2005


For those of you who do not know, I am a graduate student doing research here in Houston. Last fall I submitted an abstract to a conference (for the non-geeks, I wrote a one-page research report and submitted it to a professional society's meeting).

Sadly it was rejected.

When this happens, you revamp the abstract and submit it to somewhere else. Sadly, the "somewhere else" has vastly different requirements. Specifically, I have to trim the word count from 671 to 300 and take out all of the pictures--did I mention that I work in medical imaging?--and somehow not lose any actual content.

It's times like these when I could use the word "accurization" instead of longer phrases that actually exist in English, such as "improve the accuracy of". That'd be a reduction of at least 3 words a pop!

If you Google "accurization", you'll find that it actually does get used, but only in the context of gun enthusiasts and scale models of the starship Enterprise.

I doubt I should use it in a formal paper.


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