Monday, May 02, 2005

Ninja Turtles and Journalistic Ethics

For those of you who are less geeky than I, the second season of the original Ninja Turtles cartoon series came out last week. I found myself surprised--the plots, thin though they might be, actually carried through across multiple episodes, which is more sophisticated than most of today's Saturday morning entertainment (Power Rangers, I'm looking at you).

One thing I noticed was that given that amount of disdain certain other blogs have for journalism, it was refreshing to see the high ethical standards that the TMNT reporters had. April was their steadfast ally through thick and thin, of course. The truly impressive part was when the J. Jonah Jameson figure of the series approved a report that was pro-turtle even though it cost him his liasons with a blonde bimbo.

Honestly, who would expect that from CNN's head?


Anonymous Griffin said...

Power Rangers has story arcs that span multiple episodes! Sometimes they make it all the way to three.

2:52 PM  

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