Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Struggle for My Soul

Today I almost succumbed to a dreadful siren song--that of Powerpoint animations. I almost persuaded myself that have a picture wipe onto the screen was a good idea.

But I regained my senses, and used two slides, thus saving my committee and me the irritation of watching the wipe 37 times as people asked questions on opposite sides of the animated divide.

Of course, I reserve the right to use transitions between slides. They serve a very useful purpose: they keep people from noticing when you have to "fudge" the image a little to make things fit. It's so easy to conceal a change in borders, or when you've moved a background image ever so slightly...

Perhaps I am already doomed and am deluding myself into thinking myself safe from the price of my sins? Only time will tell...

*evil, cackling laughter is heard in the background*

Some tiny part of my soul longs for the purity of LaTeX and the transparent virtue of transparencies...mayhaps one day I shall find redemption...


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