Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Moments of Drama

So this is one of the most nerve-wracking times of the years for me.

The new TV schedules are coming out.

So far:

How I Met Your Mother has been renewed. It's my current favorite show, and far ahead of that other show about a love-lorn twentysomething (What About Brian), on the basis of the fact that you actually like Ted. Brian, and the rest of his castmates, are a bunch of self-obsessed whiners.

Scrubs is yet again relegated to mis-season replacement. On the bright side, NBC's lineup isn't stellar, so one of those lesser shows will bite it soon enough...mwahahaha...

Reportedly, Veronica Mars is going to be coming back. Hopefully next season will have a lower bodycount. The first season began with Veronica a social outcast mourning the murder of her best friend and pondering the mystery of who raped her. And the show got darker the next year. Give me a break, fellas.


Oh, and the award for lamest "24" ripoff goes to:


"The Big Day", which chronicles the 24 hours before a wedding.


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