Thursday, February 10, 2005

Unravel My Nefarious Plan for World Domination

I am a nice, easygoing, Sunday school attending person.

However, if the female gender ever drives me utterly insane and into a life of Supervillaindom (TM), I could probably cause a bit of trouble.

So, while I am still an upstanding member of the community, let me give you the key to defeating me: whatever my token Doomsday Device is, the password will be the number that the harmonic series converges to on a double prescision computing device. Yes, math geeks, I know that the harmonic series doesn't converge. But it does when you have a smallest possible number that can be represented--any terms after that will be zero, and the series will artificially converge.

If anybody knows what this number is, feel free to tell me ;-)


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