Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wasting Time in the Morning

It is surprisingly hard to find ways to waste time in the early morning. There is no point in heading off to the lab--by the time I parked, I would just have to return. You see, I have made a crucial decision: I am getting a haircut.

Admittedly, it is less of a crucial choice for me than it was for say, Samson. But I feel that I need to project that thin, critical veneer of respectability for when I give tours tomorrow to the incoming students.

Besides, I am curious about how my barber's Thanksgiving went.

However, all of this has to wait until 9 AM because I get my haircut by a gentleman in the latter part of his middle-age who has his own barber shop and who requires appointments because he otherwise would rather sleep in.

I have 45 minutes left to kill.


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