Tuesday, February 15, 2005

If My Life Were...

So on tonight's Scrubs, the main character spent the last half of the show pretending that his life were a sitcom (as opposed to the rest of the series, where his life is a sitcom). I like that idea, so I'm starting an occasional series, If My Life Were...

If My Life Were A Comic Book

First of all, I would have superpowers. I'm not even guessing what kind of powers I'd have, but the traditional best guess is that I would somehow derive my powers from Hawaiian shirts. Hmm...I work with radioactive materials. There could be an accident, I could put on a radioactive Hawaiian shirt, and I'd get the ability to turn any situation into a luau. Hey, it could happen.

Second, I would have a much more active social life. Why? Because you have to have the cross-overs.

Third, I would need some arch-nemesi. We already have The Evil Dr. Goka, of biochem fame. Maybe one of the MDs is secretly an evil ninja mastermind...that'd work...

Oh, and I'd be like Spider-Man, in that whenever confronted with a problem I would make a sarcastic and amusing quip before confronting it. As opposed to now, when I'm just cynical.


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