Sunday, March 13, 2005

The White Sheep of the Family

My dad won a pickup playing poker in Vietnam. There is a story about my mom and some of her sorority sisters walking into a bar that I am still not allowed to hear, but I think a car was lost along the way (perhaps there is some peculiar conservation law of vehicles in effect with my family).

I, for contrast, used to work for a church and am working on my doctorate.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because yet again I suspect that something weird happened with my DNA. I am too tame to be in my family.

My brother is in Austin at a debate tournament and I got a call from Sixth Street that begins with "Can you guess what I did?"

There is no way a phone call with that greeting is going to go well. When the next phrase is "It's Spring Break", it got worse.

On the plus side, he only pierced his ear. On the downside, mom can see his ear. And she's in Austin as a school chaperone...

This probably explains why I could communicate so well with the party girl from Tulane, but that's another post.


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