Thursday, May 05, 2005

Big Dusty Style

Don't get me wrong, H-town got it going on
And Fort Worth is the city that we know don't sleep
And we all know that S.A. and Dally stay jiggy
But on the sneak, Miami bringing heat for real

So tomorrow I take my weeklong trip to Miami for the ISMRM conference. Needless to see, blogging will be light to nonexistant while I'm gone. But when I return, I promise answers to the following questions:

1. Will Dustin make it through airport security with two days of stubble and a silk Hawaiian shirt?
2. Will he make his 8:30 weekend class?
3. What happens when a bunch of geeks are in an enclosed space for a week and have nothing to do but talk about magnets?
4. Will there by any trouble with ninjas along the way?
5. Does anyone who reads my blog get the frivolity in the title?


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