Thursday, May 26, 2005

Driving South

I'm headed down to my little brother's graduation today.

For the record, his class song is "Here I Go Again on My Own". My brother, however, attempted to filibuster the meeting where they decided this because he was holding out for "Highway to Hell".

This is better than my graduation year, when we were polarized by racial tensions--the white kids wanted a pop song, the black kids wanted a rap song. We ended up with "I Will Remember You". Either one of us came out ahead of the group of high schoolers I overheard at Blockbuster the other day who ended up with "Lean Back" as their class song--I am only familiar with it through its presence in the ads for one of the local radio stations. If you have mercifully escaped hearing this song, take my word that it would justify a violent overthrow of the student council.


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