Wednesday, June 01, 2005

[Venting] With Friends Like These...

I watched Hell House tonight. For those who have not seen it, it's about a church that puts on a religious house of horrors each Halloween.

Setting aside certain disagreements over whether certain things are sins (suicide and reading Harry Potter, for example), I was struck by the thought that the entire concept and attitude felt more blasphemous and disturbing than the worst actions that were depicted in the house.

I think what bothered me most was the sheer exaggeratedness of it all. One scene had a girl take a drink at a party. This led to her being raped. Afterwards, she reflected on how she was molested as a child and decided to kill herself.

This isn't showing people God. It isn't showing people love, or grace. It is not even showing people the consequences of sin. It's just absurd.

I left feeling disgusted, and glad that God is more graceful than I.


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