Saturday, May 28, 2005


My brother graduated last night. Much to his surprise, he had a large crowd of people there--both grandmothers, the uncle who's not in rehab, and dad made the 7000 mile journey from Iraq.

The graduation affair itself was a much less...solemn affair than most I have been to, although someone needs to explain to that cheerleader that shaking your booty in a graduation gown just doesn't have the same effect. Of course, I'm sure she was doing it as a poltical protest against the new state bill regulating cheerleader dancing.

During the singing of the class song (White Snake's Here I Go Again), there was a slide presentation of baby photos from each graduate. My brother also masterminded the smuggling of lighters into the gymnasium, so that each student had a lighter to hold up and wave around during the song.

And then everyone but me stayed up until 5AM for Graduation Celebration. The family is just now beginning to stir...


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