Sunday, February 13, 2005

Solitaire Halloween

I'm trying to pick out my costume for tomorrow. I could lose a few pounds, so maybe I should show up to work as a chubby cherub with a bow and arrow? I mean, Valentine's Day has a creepy quality to it that that exceeds All Hallow's Eve.

We all know that the scariest part of a horror movie is when you're all alone in an empty house, and there is nothing like having an entire day that reminds you of that situation. To be honest, red and pink balloons strike me in a more visceral spot than any pentagram.

And it certainly is a day when the monsters in your head get a little bit more fearsome.

Notice: This post has no warrenty. I make no guarantee that I'll have this same opinion at any future date. For that matter, I'm actively trying to make sure I don't.


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